Welcome to Corcovado

A space for connection and creativity


Corcovado is a community brought to life by connecting physical spaces (CorcoHubs) with global hearts and minds (CorcoCreators). We embody the values of diversity, creativity and friendship in nature.

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The Story

V1: A Man In The Woods

Conceived in the biodiverse haven of Costa Rica's Corcovado Rainforest, the Corcovado Project began as a personal journey to inspire creative flourishing through  nature. In 2016, Dave Erasmus ventured into the Sussex woods in England with a small cabin for shelter and the natural world for company. His year-long experiment living on- and -off grid produced a series of video journals and creative materials that became known as Version 1 of Corcovado (V1).

V2: A Space For Everyone

Version 2 (V2) has evolved into a global community based on the same principles: using nature as the basis for human connection and creativity. There is now a growing number of locations (CorcoHubs) and an expanding group of creative contributors (CorcoCreators) that make up the Corcovado Network. Alongside a second video series and other creative materials, V2 also includes a tour of established CorcoHubs in Europe as part of The Swirl.

Our Values

The Spirit of Corocvado

+ Diversity Taking cues from nature where biodiversity is the ultimate sign of strength, Corcovado encourages a community of diversity where unique talents and different minds come together to create something special

+ Dependence Friendship is at the heart of Corcovado. Coming together as a community allows us to nurture our relationships, and share best practices, new wisdom and creativity so we can move forward, together

+ Being We live in a world that is constantly focused on 'doing'. Corcovado is all about stepping away from goals and agendas and seeing what emerges from simply 'being', and especially from being together

+ Emergence Instead of trying to control an outcome, Corcovado encourages us to be open to the process of emergence. If we lay foundations of diversity, dependence and being, something creative will naturally emerge.